About Your Advisors

Geoff Souder

After 35 years of global mistake making, Geoff Souder has learned the hard way how not to do things. From dating two girls at the same time who ended up being best friends to getting deported from Australia for smoking marijuana in front of a police station with an expired visa, Geoff has an applied PHD in fucking up.

Uncomfortable with heights, lover of puppies, hater of people that talk about themselves in the third person, if anyone is prepared to give you really, really dumb advice it’s him.

Chris Angel

Definitely NOT a time traveler from the far distant future, Chris has spent much of his life carefully researching the vernacular and pop culture significance of the Pre Fall Era current times. Over the course of his many years and during his travels that have very clearly been on this earth and in this time period (because anything else would be laughable), Chris has cultivated an insight into the human mind that can be of immeasurable value when it comes to doling out dumb advice.

When not not time travelling, Chris is also a professional Singer/Songwriter who has sold albums to all corners of the world.

Chris is not a time traveler.

Kathy Landin

Kathy has been aimlessly wandering the planet for a few decades now and she’s done extensive research in the field of What Not To Do.She loses things. She drops things. She licks her plate. And she always leaves a resounding chorus of “tsk tsk tsk” in her wake. Alas, she is not very Mary Tyler Moore.But she has nice hair, can rock a pair of flip-flops like nobody’s business and usually has a pretty good time.Dollars to donuts, her mom thinks she’s smart, but even she wouldn’t take Kathy’s advice.


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