Olive oil treatment for hair?

Olive oil treatment for hair? I wanna do the treatment,cause my friend does it.  I just wanna know how to do it,and what benefits it does for your hair,like what does it do to your hair. i know that it makes it more healthy but what else? and how to do it, can someone please help me?


As you may know, olive oil has been prized for centuries for its miriad uses from oiling olives to facilitating female bonding in kiddie pools. Your friend has obviously discovered that it also works miracles when applied to hair.

The treatment itself is very simple. First, shave your head. Collect the trimmings in a sturdy stock pot. Then select a high-quality oil. We do not recommend the extra virgin variety unless you are a nun or a Star Trek fan. A good olive oil will have a cartoon of a fat, Italian chef who looks vaguely like Super Mario on the label. Add three cups of oil to the pot, four cloves of garlic, salt, pepper and the still-beating heart of your enemy (optional). Simmer on low for 4-5 days. Then pour the mixture onto your scalp and wrap in plastic. The tingling means it’s working! Or you didn’t let it cool and now have 3rd degree scalp burns. Now, spin around three times, stare into a mirror and say, “I’m a fucking idiot.” Make sure to enunciate.

You’re almost there! At that point, remove the mixture from your head. Shower. Get dressed, and then enroll in a class that teaches basic grammar and spelling. You can find one at any community college. By the time you pass the class (for you, this may include repeating it several times) your cue ball melon head should look like a well cared for, 3-week-old Chia Pet. The new growth will be lustrous and shiny like steel wool.

The benefits of this treatment should become clear almost immediately. First of all, you’ll find out who your real friends are (if you had any). In addition, some people will think you are a cancer victim and give you free stuff.

I sincerely hope this helps. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule of reading Snooki’s book and blowing truckers in rest area bathrooms to write in.

Shari VanderWerf is a stand-up comedian and writer from Boston, MA. If it’s true that life begins at 40, she’s the filthiest five-year-old you’ve ever met. Listed among the Top 50 funny people on Twitter as ranked by Favstar.com, Shari was also recommended to readers by The Huffington Post. Her humor can be enjoyed daily through her Twitter feed at www.twitter.com/shariv67 or catching her performances at comedy clubs across the U.S. For more information, please go tohttp://www.sharivanderwerf.com.


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