Did I get scammed?

I went to the bank Saturday and a guy asked me to deposit a $2500 dollar for him check for him. I gave him $1400 from my account and he left the $2500 check for me. I’m scared this could be fraud and i will get in trouble for it what should i do?

– fiscally concerned

Well, personally, I think you have nothing to worry about. This sounds like a classic case of reward for a damned good deed.

This actually reminds me of a problem that YOU could help ME with. You see, I help manage the importing of goods into our country with funds that are currently trapped in another country, somewhere else. I’d tell you where, but I can’t find my atlas.

Here’s where you come in. I’d like to enlist your help by allowing me to transfer these totally existent trapped funds from my account (in the very real country whose name I can’t remember) into your account. I would move it to my own personal account but there are legal reasons preventing me from doing so. Something about me being a civil servant or something with the country where the money is trapped (again…that real country).

Now, if you let me transfer this money into your account we of course would be willing to share a small percentage of the funds with you. I think a 20% commission should be fair, right? And since the amount I need to transfer is about eleventy million, that leaves you with a fair amount of change left over to spend on shoes or exotic animals.

So…all I need from you is, is your name, account numbers, home address, email, phone number, shoe size, schedule, irrational fears, any known weaknesses, credit card numbers, and power of attorney.

I look forward to doing business with you!


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