I don’t have any Frenemies. How can I make some?

I read Dale Carnegie’s book but it didn’t help. Any suggestions? -Jay Sullivan

In this modern world of DIY, it’s good to see that you are interested in making your own Frenemies. And, fortunately, I don’t think it can be that difficult for anyone to make Frenemies, since dingbats like Paris Hilton and Snooki seem to be able to do it quite easily.

That being said, you’ve come to the right place.

First, you should decide what kind of Frenemies you want to make. The type of Frenemies you want to make can be a very personal choice, based entirely on taste. The good news is that there are tons of scrumptious kinds of Frenemies and you just have to decide which kind seems the best for you.

I like to search the worldwide web for different kinds of Frenemies to make and then decide what I can do, based on what I already have on hand. Although, from what I can tell, you will probably find that there are a few things you will need to have no matter what kind of Frenemies you want to make (like, 2 pounds of hair extensions, a pinch of trust fund, one very large purse and a dash of one of those creepy baby-talk voices no adult should have), so check to see if you have those first.

Now, before you get started, I really think you need to make sure you have the proper equipment. Being improperly equipped for any project can spell disaster.

Ok, I just wrote it all out on a piece of paper, and it doesn’t actually spell “disaster,” but it’s something I’ve heard, so maybe I’m just doing it wrong.

Anyway, don’t just rush in and start making. You have to be well-prepared to make the Frenemies. You need the right materials and a sufficient amount of space. For example, when first made, Frenemies are usually very hot. You have to have plenty of space where they can cool down.

Also, before you get started making the Frenemies, you may want to determine what you’re going to do with the Frenemies once they’re made. A lot of times, the making of Frenemies yields more than just one, so you’ll have an excess and you may not want to keep all of them for yourself.

Plus, it’s just nice to share the Frenemies you make. When I make Frenemies, I like to share them with my neighbors. They always seem to be happy to see me crossing the street with a fresh batch of Frenemies.

And finally, I believe the key to making good Frenemies is to be creative, experiment, take risks and just have fun. And don’t forget to add the love! I bet once you make some Frenemies, you’ll really enjoy them and want to do it again right away.

If you do make some Frenemies, let us know how it goes and maybe send some pics.

All the best!


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