What is your opinion about Fujifilm FinePix S1600 Digital camera?


Being the idiot that I am, I’m a huge fan of digital cameras. Back in the olden times, I can’t tell you how many rolls of film I would wait weeks and weeks to get back only to find I had taken 24 pictures of my lens cap.

Lens caps can be artsy, but they really look nothing like the Grand Canyon, the time I met Liberace or the first time my puppy yawned.

Grand Canyon

With a digital camera I can screw up a hundred pictures and still be able to take a hundred more. And I don’t have to wait 2 weeks to find out what a dumbass I am. I can know instantly.

While I’ve never used the Fujifilm FinePix S1600, I bet it’s a pretty good camera. I mean, I really like that Fuji water stuff, so Fujifilm is probably pretty good. I wouldn’t drink it though.

I definitely like the sound of FinePix. I mean, that sounds pretty fine, yes? And imagine how you will look in the photos taken by a camera called FinePix. I’m no technological whiz, but I bet you’ll look damn fiiiiiine. Why else would it be called FinePix? I’m sure it takes Fine Pix. Either that or it’s just a clever name.

The other thing I like about this camera is the number: S1600. Even numbers are good luck. And 1600 is a nice, big number. Who wouldn’t want 1600 of something? Think about how much you’d like to have $1600. See? Good number. I guess you wouldn’t want 1600 bee stings, but I don’t think the camera will have bees in it. You may want to check the package though. Just in case.

Based on those things, I bet it’s a heckuva camera.

But what do I know? I have 17 albums full of pictures of lens caps.

All the best!

I have a strong aversion to any digital camera that has the word “film” in its name. It doesn’t make sense. Why not call it the Fujiflashmemory FinePix? That makes more sense because that’s where the photos are actually being stored. I bought a Fujifilm camera once and took it apart looking for the film. Guess what? It wasn’t there. I’m still working with the warranty department on getting a refund.

Also, why call it “FinePix”? I don’t like a product that tells me how good the product is going to be in its name. Am I too stupid to know a fine pic when I see one? When I tell my friends about the crappy photos this camera takes and they ask what kind it is, I have to tell them it’s a FinePix, thus negating all the bad things I said about it.

I don’t like a misleading names either which is why I refuse to buy a Cannon. Unless it’s going to blow my subject’s head off, I have no interest in shooting a Cannon. Even if I tried to shoot someone with a Cannon, they branded it as a Rebel, so it would probably just turn around and blow *MY* head off instead. Stupid fucking camera.

My opinion is to go with a real, honest camera like a Nikon.


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